Monday, November 8, 2010

Back from Journalfest!

Iv'e been back from Journalfest for about a week now, and I am still basking in 3 full days of play in my journals and time spent with new and old friends. I took two days of workshops with my friend, Juliana Coles, and as usual, it did not disappoint. My first class was Expressive Drawing which was outstanding. I love to draw, and it was great to learn new techniques and ways to incorporate them into my regular journal pages.
The next class was mapping Me with Orly Avineri. This class was wonderful and relaxed, and it was a joy to turn off my brain and just take it one step at a time. I loved the guided format, not knowing the end result, but trusting that each step would get me there.
Finally came Juliana's Book of the Night class, which she is also offering online! It was so much fun working on black backgrounds and using all my spooky images. To top it all off was the journaling/masquerade party. It was a fantastic time of costumes and music and playing in our books! I am missing everyone and am so happy that I had the opportunity to sign up at the very last minute.
P.S: Thanks Susan for some of the photos I poached to post here!


  1. Fantastic journal pages. I have been to Artfest, not yet to Journal fest. It looks like an awesome experience.

  2. your journals are always so inspiring. powerful intense alive i would say love them. you could print them and sell them i would want to buy them. i would love to go to journalfest too maybe one day who knows? xo

  3. I am so bummed that Juliana isn't going to be teaching anymore... I kept planning to take one of her classes at some point (life getting in the way .. ya know :-) and now it is too late!
    I love your pages... exceptional!

  4. Thanks ladies. Journafest is such a treat. It's smaller and more focused on what I love than Artfest. I love both though, and have different groups of friends that go to one or the other. As for selling, that is the goal. I just got accepted to vend at Artfest, so now I have to get to work on production! Thanks for the kind words and support.