Monday, January 21, 2013


I have been creating new work using Juliana Coles' Revisionary Journal booklet as prompts for my artwork. The lessons are great for getting you looking at the past year and bringing that information forward, helping you dial in on what needs tweaking, pursuing and letting go of. If you enjoy these pages, please leave me a comment and if you want to make your own work, head over to Juliana's ETSY site to pick up some inspiring assignments!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pirate Journals

It is no secret that I love books, journals, and pirates. It is not enough that I enjoy book making, I am also skilled at book buying! Here are some great options for all your piratin', pluderin', and journlin' needs.

1. This adorably stitched journal comes in other colors, so look through the shop for more.
2. Repurposed vintage book with fantastic cover.
3. Hand tooled leather journal here.
4. Gotta love a book made from a repurposed beer box.
5. Another lovely vintage book, perfect for display or to be rebound into a visual journal.
6. Super fun and dimensional, this would make a great Captains log.
7.Yummy handprinted leather books in many designs and can also be personalized.
8. Clean, simple, letterpressed goodness.
9. This leather Jolly Roger journal comes in 3 sizes 8x10, 6x9, and 5x6.

Be sure to check out the individual sites for more colors and options. If you need some artful inspiration as to how to use your new pirate journal, then check out The Pirates Code booklet by Juliana Coles for great pirate journal exercises. The Captain's Blog is a great place to get inspired as well!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting 2013 Started Right!

Don't you just love the New Year?! I personally love the start of a new year. It's a great time for reprioritizing, letting things go, and getting a fresh start. I love the lure of the blank page, and these projects are designed for getting creative, organized, and building momentum that will carry you through the year. So here they are, a few of my favorite art, calendar, and journaling projects for getting your year started right!

I have gone on and on about the No More Excuses class, but it really is THAT great. If you want a planner that is chock full of art and inspiration, DO NOT HESITATE and sign up for this class taught by Gina Armfield. Class info here and cool January downloads to add to your calendar here

I am a calendar junkie. Sometimes I use more than one at a time, just because. Sometimes I have extras because the art in them is so cool. Lots of times I use a pretty one and then can't bear to throw it away. That is why this class is so perfect. It allows you to transform your used engagement calendars into a beautiful, artful writing journal. Check out Juliana Coles' fun class here, and her video promo here.

If you really want to dig in deep and look back at 2012 to bring all that you have learned and experienced forward to 2013, then take this workshop. You can order Juliana Coles' booklet here and work through it at your own pace. Highly useful, while stretching yourself creatively.

I am loving Alisa Burke's sketchbook turned homemade planner. It's really fun and beautiful.

I'm a big fan of Ahhh Designs. Not just because of the cool, downloadable planner templates, but also for the DIY binder tutorials. I LOVE binders and organizing combined with personalization. I am thinking that my calendar for next year may be a DIY version somewhere between Alisa's and Ahhh's, but filled with No More Excuses style content. So many options to love!