Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sea Worthy

I decided to post this image today as a reminder. A reminder to me, to all of you, that we are indeed sea worthy. I created this journal spread at a weekend with Juliana Coles, my captain, and the rest of my Pirate Brethren. We met last year at a retreat in Key West, but the bond has continued on. All together we create a pretty safe space, where the worry, anxiety, and burden of our past is free to be released. Released and conquered. This page was so therapeutic for me. I have been feeling off kilter and in limbo lately, only to find that I am steadfast and stable, able to withstand the stormy winds. It was a comfort and a revelation for me. On top of which, the page holds a mysterious beauty. So thank you Pirate Brethren, as well as my local brethren and the rest of those I love, scattered near and far. You remind me that though I may not have the answers, I may never have the answers, I am steady and strong, and more than capable to brave rough waters.

Awaken Inspiration

I created these pages for a round robin project that I and some other Artfesters are involved in. The theme of this journal was a Book of Spells. I so loved this theme. I decided to do my page around creativity, and this is the spell that I found.

Nut to tree, seed to flower,
Nurture my creative power,
Growing as it fills this dish,
Inspiration is my wish.