Monday, September 30, 2013

In Progress aka "Plot Twist"

It's been a busy summer and I have been preoccupied with preparing to be in the 2013 Boulder Open Studios. I am thrilled to be a part of this. I have lived in the area for 10 years and I have visited studios most years and always dreamed of having a body of work and a studio to share. Now it's my time to open up. Not just on my blog or amongst arty friends, but truly with the communtity. This is my opportunity to share, to sell, and to teach. The time has come and I am ready!

But not without some plot twists along the way. I always knew the last 3-4 weeks would be the big push to get it all together. To finalize work and get the word out. What I did not account for was the 500 year CO flood just weeks before. Our crawlspace flooded and water seeped through the foundation and soaked my studio floors. Not too bad, we were lucky. But reality hits when removing all that water and tearing out soggy, damaged floors, along the way revealing two walls that also needed to come out. Luckily Chad is an amazing woodworker and overall get-it-done-guy extraordinaire... so floors are out and new walls are started. All the finishing and new flooring are on hold until after Open Studios. All the prep and hard work and expectations of having it "be perfect" had to be reframed. I am even more proud now of what I have accomplished. I could have easily melted down, and a year and a half ago I would have had no choice. The surrender was hard, but it was easier to just go with it. Am I fully ready? Not quite. I have my space back, but the house is still upside down and there are still loads of loose ends. But isn't it better this way? Won't it be that much sweeter to attain this dream amidst all the chaos and effort? I think so.

So if you are in the Boulder area, please drop by my studio Oct 5-6 & 12-13, 2013 from noon-6pm. Check out for more info!