Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Orange is the New Black

More fangirling! This time it's over everybody's fav show, Orange is the New Black. I love these characters SO much I just had to do a new sketch! Enjoy!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

More fangirl funtimes

A little Game of Thrones fangirling. Don't get me started on these two. Working on a much larger sketch from the show. If you need more now, check out Scott C. Campbell's GOT Great Showdowns. He typically illustrates showdowns from films only, but gave us all the gift of a GOT series. Love him! I obsess over his work. Do you hear me Scott, let hang out and sketch and watch movies. Stay tuned...

Fangirl Funtimes

Having fun with little watercolor sketches for Lila Rogers MATS class on the subject of being a digital nomad. Google it and tell me if it doesn't just sound like a dream job!

Just finished reading (ahem, obsessing) over the book Fangirl. Sweet story of a freshman in college, falling in love, and writing Harry Potter type fan-fiction. The book within a book of Fangirl is coming out as it's own fantasy book this fall. Hurrah for Rainbow Rowell! Loving all the fan art (Simini Blocker I'm lookin at you!) for her books so much, that I had to dabble with my own! More to come.