Friday, April 30, 2010

Painted Journal

Here is a little book of loveliness. The pages are painted using a technique from LK Ludwig. So simple, yet so fun and the results are so rich. The binding is simple, but satisfying. All in all, the piece looks complex, while having been deceptively easy and tremendously fun to make.

Safe House

Here is a page from my new journal. It started as a big mess of a warmup, which despite my best efforts at overloading and mucking up, I actually started to like a little bit. Which is why when I decided to work back into the page, so much of the original is there. I liked the rawness and energy, and did not want to stifle it by covering over it too much. Not right now any way. The prompt was to create a "safe house" to house what could never be taken if all was lost.

Funny to me that I just had to put an air stream picture down. I had a few to choose from, but just knew one needed to go on the page. Ironic to me that my "safe house" involves being taken on the road, wherever, and whenever. If you know me this is not so ironic. I have a tremendous love for places, and am always dreaming of where is next. Even when I am happy and settled. It's just who I am. Like kicking a bad habit, after a childhood of many moves, my wanderlust continues on. And the people on the page have traversed many states alongside me, so I guess it's no wonder that this girl doesn't need deep roots to feel secure.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Journal

Here is my newest journal, that I have been making in Juliana Coles' online class. Starting with an existing book, it gets altered to suit journaling needs, and then divided into sections. That is where the tabs come in! New tabs, vintage tabs, found objects, whatever we want. So much fun it's hard to stop. Next up, journaling warmups, prepped and finished pages. I highly recommend it if you want to journal, reclaim a book as your own, and see the amazing Juliana in action (insert ringleader circus music here!). No joke, she is a joy to watch work, and being able to view her books is like being invited somewhere forbidden and sacred at the same time. If you want to make your own work ring true and deep, take a look.

P.S: Supercool paintbrush attachment was inspired by the supercool jewelry of Nina Bagley. Check it out!

Artfest- More fun and favorites

Finding new favorite artists, and how their style shines through any assignment or project.
Top left & bottom right: Cori's artwork tickled me. Just look at the characters, penwork, pattern, and lettering!
Top right: Karen O'Brien's work in Jesse Reno's class
Bottom left: Michelle Allen's work in Jesse Reno's class

Artfest- More fun and favorites

Just generally having fun and being silly with friends, new and old.

The wonder of watching an artist work. Being inspired and seeing new ways of doing that you hadn't though of before.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Artfest-Day 3

Top photo: Pieces in varying degrees of completion.
Second photo: Pieces with just a base layer of collage.

On day 3 I took Freshly Renovated with Misty Mawn. We made small sized mixed media pieces that will then get bound into a little book/journal. The idea was to start with a base layer of collage that we then work back into with paint, stencils, stamps, crayons, etc. Misty showed us how to paint faces, along with so many other techniques that I can barely remember at the moment. It was amazing watching her demo, she worked so fast and could pull together a pice in minutes. I know the speed was for the sake of the demo, but still! Once again, I feel I really learned something that can take my journal pages/work to the next level. I love the idea of reclaiming an image and making it truly my own.

Artfest- Misty in action

Here are some pieces that Misty demoed in class.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Artfest-Day 2

On Artfest, Day two, I took Jesse Reno's Free to Create painting class. I knew very little about Jesse's work, but when I saw it, I just knew I had to take his class. Needless to say, he did not disappoint. Watching any artist work in person is something I love and get so much out of. Jesse generously broke down his working style in such a way that yielded incredible results from the entire class. Everyone made such unique paintings that went through a variety of stages. I could have taken all three days with him and been happy. Painting is something that I have never fully cultivated in my own art, but which is very comfortable for me. This day was the most relaxing, the most effortless, save for the fact that I am never in the habit of drawing or painting purely from my imagination. I am always loaded down with existing imagery. This is the case in my mixed media journal pages and was definitely the case in my graphic design work. I will never completely abandon collage, but it was so liberating to just make my own images, to create from inside myself. I have been wanting to delve into painting again for quite a while, and this was such an inspiration. I thought to myself, what if my journals were this rich and full of paint and honesty and my own symbols?
Phase one. Finger painting, brushwork, some doodles and scribbles.
Next stage. Some oddball characters start to take form. Introduced more drawing and some monoprinting in black. The piece gets turned a few times in the process.
Almost done. The monopronting changes things, and I start to further obliterate what's not working for me. The result is a much larger, and more interesting, focal image. It's not done yet, but getting very close. The very top piece was such a surprise to me. It was my scrap/test piece that I experimented on. Once again unfinished, but somehow looser, freer, and interests me very much.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Artfest-Day 1

After quite an adventurous turn at the airport (stranded overnight) I was grateful to have my time at Artfest. I was lucky enough to make it on standby with plenty of time to catch my ride with Brethren sisters Pinky and Viper, and we were on our way. Year two at Artfest was such a gift. The first year initiation of figuring it all out, meeting people, finding classes was all behind me. This year was about feeling more comfortable, and building upon last year's friendships. I just loved it.
My first day of classes was Lynne Perrella's Go For Baroque. We started with a base of Rosin paper that we then covered with gesso. Stenciled, stamped and scraped gesso. Once that was done, we added color with Portfolio brand water soluble pastels. Continued with painting, stamping and stenciling until ready to add the focal image. A giant xerox enlargement (xeroxes are some of my favorite images to work with) alongside a collaged scene at the bottom. It was a big size, but people really worked their pieces, and I was blown away by the variety of results. Lynne showed so many techniques that I hope to bring to my journal pages and other mixed media pieces. She really knows how to work an image and transform it. While I was working on my large piece I decided to work along in my journal as well. You can see the result above. Such a fun class!
Later that night was an "Iron Chef" style faceoff amongst the artists/teachers. They were divided into pairs, given the same supplies, and were let loose. It was so much fun to see how different the work was with the same supplies. Above you can see Stephanie Lee and Michael De Meng facing off in the 3d category. Misty Mawn blew me away in the 2d category. She works so fast and made such a gorgeous piece. All the art was raffled off, and the $ went to pay the crew and for a scholarship spot for next year. Loved it! You can also see me, Pinky, and Viper having a great time that night.
After that was one of my favorites, the bonfire and journaling jam. I just loved sharing journals and seeing what we are all up to! The top pic is of my friend Alex (you must check out her work, you won't be sorry) and her friend Margarida. More journalling with Amanda, Nikki, and Merrilee. Back soon with day 2!