Monday, April 22, 2013

Chalkboard Wrapping paper How-to

Inspired by the richly lettered chalkboard art of Dana Tanamachi, I set out to create one of a kind gift wrap for my brother's 30th birthday. Simple enough, right?! The materials were simple, two sheets of black drawing paper, a white Prismacolor pencil, and a white Recollections brand marker. Using images and typefaces as reference, I began what I call "drawing letters". Bit by bit, word by word, the paper filled and by the end I was surprised to see how it all came together. My influences show, but then again so does my own hand and the playful way that I approach lettering.

The Prismacolor pencil lends a softer, more chalkboard-like effect, while the marker stands out a bit more brightly from the background than the pencil. All in all it turns out beautifully, in my opinion, and makes a fantastic and thoughtful addition to the gift!

Happy Birthday Timmy!!!