Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Missing polaroid

You know how some days you may really miss a special person or even a place from your life? How you can feel homesick in a way. That is how I have been feeling about Polaroid lately. The news of polaroid abandoning it's classic instant film to go digital is not new news to me. When I found out I started buying small batches the film here and there. And I hear there is a new company trying to keep instant film alive by making their own version to work with our old cameras. Maybe it's just nostalgia. I haven't cracked into my loot just yet though. I made these using Poladroid, which is a pretty satisfying substitute. But I am all about the tactility of something, the rush of excitement as the image comes into being. And in reality, for all the polaroids I've taken, where are they? Do so few actually turn out? So what to do with the remaining film before it expires? Self portraits? Favorite things? It really should go out with a bang, don't you think?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Signs Journal

I have recently gotten involved in a round robin project/circle journal with a group of ladies I met at Artfest. Some I know and others I haven't yet met. We each picked a theme, made our journal, and sent it to the next person in the rotation. Then it will be worked in and go to the next person, and the next, until ultimately it ends up back in my hands. I am so excited by this project. The chance to work with people whose work I admire, make new friends, and be challenged creatively in the process. I am itching for the first book to arrive!

A busy month

Wow, what a busy month! It feels like it barely started and now it's almost gone. There was a lot going on this month, lots of company and projects and fun to be had. First an old friend came to town, one of my husband's oldest and best friends from Texas. There was much talking and laughter and a back backing trip for the two of them gone awry due to bad weather. I feel like I got to know and understand this friend better after more than 10 years of occasional meetings, get togethers, and lives evolving. How you can be very much like someone and not even have known it.

Then there was a garden growing ripe and full of sweet tomatoes, eggplant, patty pan squash, tomatillos, and herbs. It is now overflowing and the melons and pumpkins seem to have appeared overnight. We had more visitors, Chad's mom and grandma, and shared many movies and meals together. We even ventured out to the Loveland sculpture show which ended up being far more pleasing than I expected. The show was the reason we went, but the sculpture garden was such a surprise. Grassy and green with pathways, sky reflected water and sculpture at every turn. And on a most beautiful summer day no less.

All the while I was making and working in journal for a round robin that I am a part of. At the end of all this, was a two day work shop with the inspiring Stephanie Lee. I feel like a soldering goddess now, having made my first etched and soldered box and bezels. The photo of it here is before adding collage and resin to the bezel. I will share the fully finished piece soon. So after looking back on August, I am feeling ready for September. I will be taking my first ever silversmithing class (a dream of mine for years) and concurrently working in all the lovely journals that pass through my mailbox.