Friday, October 22, 2010

Playing Around

Here are some bits and pieces from my Greece journal. Still working hard to get it filled with all the goodies I collected there, and with the beautiful photos that were taken. I am just loving this photo I took of Chad the other day. As a woodworker, the background suits him perfectly. It's so warm and inviting, just like his smile!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Anniversary

We celebrated our eight year anniversary not too long ago, and here are the pictures to prove it! It ended up being a drawn out celebration, starting mellow with dinner and a movie. Dinner was at The Med in Boulder where many tapas were consumed. Bacon wrapped dates were a favorite, along with cherry tomatoes with honey, nuts, and goat cheese. Yum! Later that weekend we saw the King Tut exhibit in Denver which was amazing. Unfortunately, no sketching was allowed in the exhibit, but for once we left a museum not worn out. Unlike our all day museum visits in Greece that ended in pleasant exhaustion.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Precious Fear

This is a piece that I did some time ago. I am not sure why I never posted it, I think I was unsure if it was finished. Looking at it now, it is telling me what I need to know. How fear keeps us from living if we allow ourselves to bear its full weight. That living without it's presence is impossible, but if we can tune into it maybe we can work with it, not against it. Little reminders to move forward to take that step, to sometimes leap without looking. For me that means saying what I mean, not dancing around what the right and wrong words are. It's exhausting trying always to please, trying to never say the wrong thing. Anyway, I digress... Fear often keeps me from my passion. It keeps me out of the studio, and from really pushing myself to my full potential. It has been the reason that my work and books remain only for me and not for others. Either to sell or to teach. I'd like to think I am brave in life and certainly in love, but that passion of mine I keep pretty well guarded. There are big dreams afoot and I know what is standing in the way. I am standing in the way of myself, and at the moment it feels harder and harder to hold that position. Here's to the future, and letting go.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


So I am back. Finally resettled into life after 3 weeks in one of my favorite places, Greece. I have so much to share, to tell... but it seems to have to become an awful lot to process. So I will start by starting. Thank you everyone for your well wishes before my journey, and for the compliments for the travel journals I made. There is still so much for me to add to my journal, since with three of us, more time was spent with each other than with our books. So I will slowly make time to retrace my steps, add to my book, then share the results here.

Coming home was a surprise. How long the jet lag lasted, and feeling like I lost time somehow. Leaving in summer and coming home to holiday decorations everywhere. I am out of the haze but not back in the studio yet. I have another piece published to share with you all, and many pictures from the trip to share as well. This week I celebrated my eight year wedding anniversary. Still amazed that I am at this stage in life, with marriage underway and other dreams coming to fruition. Needless to say, I am very grateful at the moment. Grateful for the journey, and also for the journey home. It's good to see you here.

(All pics by IPhone hubby photog!)