Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where the magic happens

Here is a little glimpse into my studio. Don't be fooled! This is most definitely an edited version of my space. The clutter is out of sight as is the towering shelving and overstuffed closet. One day I will share those corners of my room, but for now this feels like a good start. A friend of mine made a request recently for images of my home, and I realized how little of my home I actually share. It is such a comfort for me, yet is glaringly overlooked sometimes. I also noticed how much more art I make than is actually represented on this blog. I guess my art, like my home, like life, is a work in progress. I hesitate to share something until it's done, finalized, as if the process is somehow less important than the end result. This space holds all the half finished, just started bits of art that I cherish but don't always share. Sometimes this space groans under the weight of expectations and growing supplies that I place on it. But it's where I go that's just for me. It's there waiting for me at 2 am when my mind is racing. It's my safe haven where I can get the art out, and make what needs to be made. This studio of mine may be messy, and burdened, and over flowing, but it's there as I need it to be.

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