Saturday, October 31, 2009


In honor of Halloween and Day of the Dead I wanted to share this little piece with you. I made it as my trade for Journalfest, and all of the images are hand carved stamps by moi. I hope your day is spooktacular and you eat lots of candy, watch great movies, and have fun dressing up!


  1. I'm one of the lucky folks you traded with! Happy to have your lovely stamps in my Journalfest journal too. Nice to meet you :-)Jane

  2. I love the stamps! I have a slab of Mastercarve that is just begging me to carve it. I even have the tools. Now all I need is a "how to lesson"...Can I come over?

  3. still loving and admiring your trade. something will be showing up soon with that image. lovely to meet you as well and thanks for the comments on my blog.

    for the life of me, i cannot remember the lovely lady we sat with the first journaling night who told you both where to eat (curry fries? and really good beer) and drink and play in seattle. what was her name or blog or email??