Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Journal

This weekend I started working in a brand new, oversized watercolor Moleskine. I have been seeing some patterns in my other journal, and wanted a larger journal to hopefully push myself to play even more. I also want to experiment more with non-magazine images. I hope to add more of my own hand into this book. Paintings, drawings, personal photographs, and vintage ephemera. It will be interesting to see how this journal will differ from my other one. Also, I just discovered an incredible book by Danny Gregory, called The Creative License. I am familiar with his work, but how I missed this book is beyond me. I think sometimes things appear in life when you most need them. I have been rereading my perpetual favorites by Sabrina Ward Harrison, as well as a little SARK, so this book is fitting right in with my current lineup.


  1. I love your art journal.......they are beautiful

  2. I LOVE your pages. You do gorgeous work!!!

  3. I too love your art journal...it is so real...thanks for sharing!