Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An exercise in gratitude

What I love most about this page is that it is full of the castoffs of my other journal pages of the day. I was warmed up and my "agenda" was already accomplished. In an attempt to not add more scraps to my ever growing piles of papers, I decided to glue them onto a new page. I had no goal, no agenda, and the bits of things began to come together in a gratitude page of sorts. Things I am ever thankful for, large and small.  

This is where my journaling day began. I tend to record my innermost thoughts and day to day activities in my written journal, but felt I needed to try to capture and eventful weekend with words and images. I was truly inspired by
Traci Bunker's journaling video, and decided that I  would get down to it and try some new things. Put the words on the page, scrape some paint, add a headline. My intention was not to copy, but to try some new things. I am happy to report that these pages are not a copy Traci's, but were deeply inspired by her freedom, use of personal photos, and willingness to share her own words. 

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