Friday, January 18, 2013

Pirate Journals

It is no secret that I love books, journals, and pirates. It is not enough that I enjoy book making, I am also skilled at book buying! Here are some great options for all your piratin', pluderin', and journlin' needs.

1. This adorably stitched journal comes in other colors, so look through the shop for more.
2. Repurposed vintage book with fantastic cover.
3. Hand tooled leather journal here.
4. Gotta love a book made from a repurposed beer box.
5. Another lovely vintage book, perfect for display or to be rebound into a visual journal.
6. Super fun and dimensional, this would make a great Captains log.
7.Yummy handprinted leather books in many designs and can also be personalized.
8. Clean, simple, letterpressed goodness.
9. This leather Jolly Roger journal comes in 3 sizes 8x10, 6x9, and 5x6.

Be sure to check out the individual sites for more colors and options. If you need some artful inspiration as to how to use your new pirate journal, then check out The Pirates Code booklet by Juliana Coles for great pirate journal exercises. The Captain's Blog is a great place to get inspired as well!

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  1. What a delightful mix of journals you've featured here. Thanks so much for mentioning my Piraat journal on your blog. I had never heard of that particular beer, but a friend of mine who enjoys craft beers and makes glass art with the bottles gave two of these boxes to me with the request that I make a journal for him from one of them. We traded a few of my notebooks/journals for a piece of his glass art last summer.