Friday, June 15, 2012

Pirate Friday

I have a tiny book that is handmade by Tracy Moore which hangs on a cord to wear around my neck. It is made of metal and leather and was a very special gift to myself a couple of years ago. When I got it, I knew I needed to do something special with it, so I decided to collect drawings in it. When I meet an artist, or take their class I try to get a drawing from them. The top image is probably my favorite spread. The one on the right was done by friend and fellow pirate Juliana Coles, while Miss Mindy did the one on the left. She knows I'm a pirate girl and the personalness of her drawing really touched me. This book is a bit of my pirate treasure for sure!


  1. Cool Quarter Master! I dont remember making that drawing! and it looks so great beside the other one and of course I love tracy's books!! every friday should be declared pirate friday!!!!

  2. Love your book and Miss Mindy is a sweetheart - talented artist. I'm a pirate girl too and just wanted to say hi! I'm going to check out your art.


  3. and jessie- your banner is beautiful! you are extremely talented!!!!!