Saturday, December 17, 2011

NME August/Sept pages

These are some pages from Aug/Sept of my No More Excuses Journal. This is an online class offered by Gina Armfield, and if you are thinking about it, wondering about it, just take it. Gina creates a great program to get you working daily, in little ways. Then the calendar becomes the journal for it, which is a fantastic way to keep you on track. The structure is built in. Before you know it you are doing your own thing, creating your own assignments and projects for yourself. I heard a great metaphor the other day that is so applicable to this project. A bead is small and tiny, but when you string one next to another and another something magical happens. The next thing you know, you have created a necklace. I never feel like what I have done in a day is very much, but over time, the book becomes rich and potent with your details, emotions, and memories.


  1. Oh sigh! Its amazing! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You and Jen have inspired me to start! I have my book ready for 2012!!! BUT it is as Fat as an FAT HOUSE CAT! it supposed to be that way??? I wrote a msg to Gina on FB but she hasnt responded! Please tell me I didnt do something totally weird...I followed all the videos!

  2. Love these pages and love these ideas! Keep journaling!

  3. Mine was getting pretty big too, so I made some changes. I did NOT put in all the mini envelopes, just when I feel like it. The stitching in my book was getting too taxed, so I hinged some of my watercolor pages on the edge and not just in the gutter. For 2012 I may skip the monthly envelopes. I really love the wc paper and am keeping that, but feel I only need a couple big envelopes, not one for each month. Does that help? I am trying to get this year's book all buttoned up so that I'll be ready for 2012. Can't wait to see yours!