Monday, August 29, 2011

Keepin on...

The journaling continues. I have a mixed relationship with this book, very love hate. I took a vintage book that I loved with sections on ancient civilizations (Romans, Greeks...), filled with fantastic illustrations and turned it into a journal. I painstakingly made the cuts, removing pages out of necessity. The process of working the pages and letting go of the imagery has been a difficult one. The work I have done in this book confounds me as well. I created it to be an anything goes kinda book, without feeling pressured to use my own photography, drawing or painting. Yet I struggle with the things I put into this book, and I see the struggle. When I take a break from working in it and come back, I can literally see the struggles, changes, and growing pains I am experiencing. It is an uncomfortable kind of feeling. Some days, I want to put this book away and start with a new journal, filled with blank white watercolor pages. Then the other part of me wants to see this thing through, and work in it from start to end of 2011, and see where it leads me...


  1. Be brave, Jessie!!! The reward is worth the struggle. Just recognizing the conflicts and persisting is important. Who knows what treasures await?

  2. I like these pages very much. Your growing pains are worth the effort. Thanks for posting.