Friday, January 14, 2011

Holiday Loot

Here are a few of the wonderful things that I got for Christmas. My favorite gift was such a thoughtful surprise from my hubby, that I just stared in wonder at it most of the day. He had a leather moleskine cover custom engraved with one of MY illustrations. A very personal one at that, which represents my mantra, "Be Seen, Be Heard". Importance placed on what I do and on my creativity is also embedded in this gift, which was touching. I also got a ton of great Fossil goodies from my Mama which is so up my alley. And another piece to add to my pirate collection, this awesome skully necklace. I have been eyeing it for ages, and finally got it. The rest of the day was spent, just the two of us, with our sweet sleepy kitties in the sunlight and wrappings, and topped off with a nice meal.

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  1. Oh! I love the moleskine cover/gift from your husband! And, I had to leave a comment because just last night I was on the Fossil website looking at purses and totes and laptop covers...and saw this one and LOVED it. SO glad you had a nice Christmas and got such thoughtful gifts. Isn't it wonderful when someone knows exactly what you'll love? !♥