Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's been a busy summer

What a summer! So much fun it's hard to know where to begin. All along the way I intended to post more, show pictures, tell of my various exploits. But here it is, wrapped up in a big package at the end of it all. I guess the biggest accomplishment was laying this flagstone path. It was a lot of work for Chad and less for me, but the result is beautiful. Earthy and modern, it suits us and our house to a tee. Now to get flower beds in place and paint the front door. Dusty teal, so nice.

Other highlights were good family get togethers, the Greek festival, and the outdoor movies in Boulder. I have to tell you, watching Top Gun outdoors on the big screen, with a nostalgic and enthusiastic doesn't get much better than that.

This was my first year at the Folks Festival and I will be going back. I love Lyons to begin with, but the experience was such a surprise. Good food, great music, all along the side of the river. When you get hot, you just jump in. Or tube down it. The stage was open, with trees dancing behind the bands. At night when The Swell Season played, the trees were lit with orange lights, and they glowed on fire. So good to hear great live music, outdoors. So good to live in Colorado. We were there, listening, sketching, taking it all in. I was playing around with the above page while listening to Gregory Alan Isakov, and it was bliss. Afterwards, when everyone was having CD's and albums signed, I went up to say "hi" and took my journal. My artwork has always done the talking for me, so armed with it I felt brave and not so shy. And the band signed it. And we actually had something to talk about, which was really fun. Later that night I let myself go and basked in the beauty of Glen and Marketa. Like I said, it was a busy summer, and a damn good one too.

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