Friday, April 30, 2010

Safe House

Here is a page from my new journal. It started as a big mess of a warmup, which despite my best efforts at overloading and mucking up, I actually started to like a little bit. Which is why when I decided to work back into the page, so much of the original is there. I liked the rawness and energy, and did not want to stifle it by covering over it too much. Not right now any way. The prompt was to create a "safe house" to house what could never be taken if all was lost.

Funny to me that I just had to put an air stream picture down. I had a few to choose from, but just knew one needed to go on the page. Ironic to me that my "safe house" involves being taken on the road, wherever, and whenever. If you know me this is not so ironic. I have a tremendous love for places, and am always dreaming of where is next. Even when I am happy and settled. It's just who I am. Like kicking a bad habit, after a childhood of many moves, my wanderlust continues on. And the people on the page have traversed many states alongside me, so I guess it's no wonder that this girl doesn't need deep roots to feel secure.

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