Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Forgetting Fear

It's amazing what we allow to hold ourselves back. Often different for each of us, we find ourselves at the same crossroads again and again. Lesson unlearned. Why it takes us so long to "get it" is a mystery to me. More often than not, I know what holds me back, keeps me from being me, but the change is so hard. The change seems to be who we are, the struggle with what we want to change, which is inextricably who we are.

This is the "before" to my Sea Worthy page. It started out as an experiment, playing the "name game". Just messing around with my name in various methods and materials. Then I worked over it some more, writing what I wanted to let go of. Then more and more layers later, and voila the finished page as shown below. A reminder of my past, who I am, but also what I am capable of letting go of.


  1. THis is stunning! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Much Love

  2. So beautiful!

    We met at Artfest and I am going through my stack o cards to visit all the stunning blogs! So glad to have found yours! Wishing you well!