Monday, December 14, 2009

Goals & Gratitude

These are journal pages that I did in Traci Bunker's workshop, Love and Fear, at Journalfest. I started these pages there, and worked on them more later on. They are completed for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if I work back into them some more. We had to make a list of goals and resolutions, then use our biggest one to make a journal page triptych as though this dream is real. As though I am living it right now. My pages are about a dream I have had my whole life, but which has becoming closer into focus as of late. I have always been an artist, so to speak, but it's only recently that I am making it my priority. Figuring out what I do, how I do it, and what that means to me. So the pages are full of words and images to support this dream of mine, down to the turn of the century building in a quaint, funky old town that I hope to live and work in one day.

The green page is a gratitude list made in class that folds over the artist spread. By this time, the work was flowing, and this page was made in a whirlwind. I love what it means to me and how it turned out. Even more surprising is how happy it is next to the other pages. They are different, but connected somehow.

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  1. Jessica, these turned out so fantastically wonderful. I hope you look at this often for inspiration and as you visual affirmation. I'm glad you enjoyed my workshop! You were a wonderful student.