Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tree update

There is potential good news about the old tree. A second arborist took a look and has a gentler opinion. The tree has a decent sized hole from decay, and since the tree is so big the hole is a weak spot and could become an issue. The tree will only decline, but potentially could stand for years. So now it's time for a third opinion and some serious soul searching.

The first arborist made an interesting comparison between people and trees. About how if you are neglectful and don't take care one day it will become weakened and disease can just take root. Healthy trees are happy trees. Like ourselves I suppose. There is already so much chance out there for us not to give ourselves that little extra care we need. So I sign off with positive thoughts and hopes for this old tree of mine. And even bigger faith for a friend who's health was taken by surprise very recently. A person that I do not see every day (although Chad nearly does) but means a tremendous much to us both. A friend, who allowed Chad's woodworking career to bud, and although he does not know it, very often reminds me of family. Here's to getting strong and staying strong.

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  1. So true healthy trees are happy trees........like human i guess. working on your project between 2 flights! hope next week is ready and i can send it. best to you