Thursday, July 16, 2009

Salida weekend

I spent this past weekend hanging out in Salida, CO. We went with no plan, only having heard what a creative and outdoorsy community Salida is. What we didn't know was how friendly everyone would be and how much fun we would have. We stumbled upon great restaurants, live Bluegrass music, and this great spot on the Arkansas river. We spent the day swimming, jumping off rocks, sketching for me and fly fishing for Chad. There is already talk of a return trip to go rafting. I took lots of pics with my Diana camera, and will post some once they are developed.


  1. I really like the multiple layers in the faded signs on the side of the brick building. We build upon the layers of the past, and it is good to see them occasionally poking through to remind us of where we come from.

  2. Colorado... What a wonderful place to live. It sounds like you had an amazing time! I'm hoping with in the next couple of years to take T to the grand canyon to camp at the bottom and go rafting in Arizona. I wanted to do it this year and found out you have to book everything at least a year in advance. Maybe sometime he and I could come and visit. You could introduce us to high altitude living ;-)